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Register & Setup

Begin your e-commerce journey by registering with us and setting up your online store. Our user-friendly platform and expert guidance make the process swift and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


Upload Products

Easily showcase your products to the world by uploading them to your customized e-commerce website. Our intuitive product management system enables you to add descriptions, images, and pricing effortlessly.


Get Sales

Once your online store is up and running, watch your sales soar. With our strategic marketing tools and search engine optimization, we ensure increased visibility and attract potential customers, driving sales and maximizing your success.


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Why Choose us?

Elevate your e-commerce success with us.

Proven E-commerce Excellence

Our team's expertise ensures top-notch e-commerce solutions, tailored to your business needs for exceptional performance.

Tailored E-commerce Solutions

Customized websites designed to enhance user experience, optimize conversions, and drive your online success.

Customer-Focused Support

Dedicated support and continuous improvements to ensure your customers have a seamless shopping experience.

Pricing Plan

Flexible Solutions for Every Business Need

  • Monthly
  • Yearly
20% Off

৳899 /mo

  • Page 20
  • Product 100
  • Blog 50
  • Storage 1000 MB
28% off

৳1,799 /mo

  • Page 50
  • Product 500
  • Blog 100
  • Storage 2000 MB
35% Off

৳2,499 /mo

  • Page 100
  • Product 2000
  • Blog 500
  • Storage 3000 MB
36% Off

৳7,999 /yr

  • Page 50
  • Product 1000
  • Blog 300
  • Storage 2000 MB
45% Off

৳13,999 /yr

  • Page 100
  • Product 3000
  • Blog 1000
  • Storage 3500 MB
50% Off

৳24,999 /yr

  • Page 200
  • Product 6000
  • Blog 2000
  • Storage 5000 MB

Customer Feedback

Words from Satisfied Clients: Testimonials that Inspire Trust and Confidence in Our E-commerce Solutions.

We are beyond impressed with the e-commerce website created by PnH eCom. Their creative designs and efficient inventory system have boosted our sales significantly.

Asif Hasan


Choosing PnH eCom for our e-commerce website was a brilliant decision. They delivered a seamless shopping experience, and their support has been exceptional.

Nusrat Khan


Working with PnH eCom was a game changer for our business. Their e-commerce website has elevated our brand, and their team's professionalism and expertise were outstanding.

Farhan Ahmed


News & Updates

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Frequently Asked Question

Find quick answers to frequently asked questions, guiding your seamless experience with our e-commerce website solutions.

How long does it take to build an e-commerce website?

It will take just 1 Hour to complete your order. It may take up to 24 Hour if you order after office hours.

Can I integrate multiple payment gateways into my online store?

Yes, we offer seamless integration of various payment gateways to cater to diverse customer preferences.

Can I easily add or update products on my website?

Yes, our user-friendly content management system allows you to effortlessly manage your product inventory.

Do you provide ongoing support and maintenance?

Yes, we offer post-launch support, maintenance packages, and continuous updates to keep your website running smoothly.

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